People are uncomfortable talking about addiction. However, the truth is that addiction won’t go away if we ignore it. 

Harbor Hall exists because someone must acknowledge the disease of addiction.  Someone must illuminate the path to recovery.  The compassionate and determined staff at Harbor Hall treatment centers provides the time, the place, the tools and the skills that allow the miracle of recovery to happen.  

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The Foundation’s Role

Our Vision: we envision a community where addiction treatment is available to all.

Our Mission: we create, guide and support quality alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation opportunities in northwest Michigan through philanthropy.

The Foundation takes the financial burden off of Harbor Hall so that they use their resources to do what they do best – help people overcome their addictions.

The Foundation is a support beam for Harbor Hall. While residents pay for their treatment through insurance, grants or private pay, the Foundation provides funding for special projects such as capital improvements, computer upgrades and operating expense overrides.


The Foundation engages donors to provide essential funding for projects that exceed the capacity of the rates charged.


This allows Harbor Hall to keep its rates as low as possible. Raising rates would defeat Harbor Hall’s goal of making addiction care accessible to everyone in need in our community. We want people to be able to afford care.

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The Facts

What does someone with an addiction look like?  Certainly not the stumbling man with a bottle in a brown bag that you might picture.  Close your eyes and think about the people you know.  Someone in your acquaintance — probably more than one person — has a hidden addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Addictions are common, and costly.



of drug overdose deaths: prescription pain relievers


of drug overdose deaths: heroin


of drug overdose deaths: other drugs


It used to be that we only had to worry about alcohol addiction.  Now opioid drugs are the latest problem.  Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., and opioid use is driving this epidemic.  

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Recovery Happens

“I came into the sobriety process unwillingly. I had received a “nudge from the Judge” to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but I wanted no part of it. However, I started going to daily AA meetings, as well as individual and group counseling sessions at Harbor Hall.  As the fog began to clear, I realized how miserable I was. I had lost my spirit years before. I was just going through the motions of surviving.”

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